CUT&CARVE specialises in the supply and installation of Interior&Architectural cladding materials and Cutting&Carving services. We are the manufacturing capabilities to produce different metal and non-metal cladding products, such with many special techniques and have extensive experience in collaborating with many international cladding brands. Together with their technical support, we have completed several successful complicated projects.
We have constantly kept up with the latest trends by working together with very well-known Interior and Architect. Coupled with our state-of-the-art manufacturing and installation machinery, we pride ourselves on delivering superior workmanship. Our long-term objective would be to deliver even more innovative solutions that are aesthetically appealing, sustainable and environmentally friendly..

At CUT & CARVE we offer a wide range of architectural&Interior cladding solutions. The expertise in making the graphic on the surface of material calddding is becoming with our strenght these are commonly known in the field of interior design & architecture. We have a lot of techniques in 2D and 3D such single layer, Double layer, carving Grill panel and also visual image perforate and 3D Façade system as well.
The clients can be assured that they will get a good hands in work. We are committed to provide excellent services to all our clients, tremendous efforts are made to ensure that our projects will be completed in accordance to the project schedule without compromising the quality and worksmanship of our works

The Leader of Architectural&Interior Façade Technology and supply Cladding materials for the future Trends.