Engineering Solutions That Bring Your Architect&Interior Concepts to Life

At CUT&CARVE, we bring your design to reality with flexibility,responsiveness and timeliness. Our dedicated provider teams includes Design consultants, sales reps, estimators, engineer ,project managers, and our equipment and tooling is optimized for perforating, 3D surface with special techniques, fabricating and installation for construction applications. Because we manage your entire project, we maintain tight control over the quality and beauty of the finished product, while helping you complete your project on-time and within budget.

Our Project Managers evaluate your concept, collaborate with you on the best methods and materials for producing it, and then create the right solution with any fabrication and installation , finishing and delivery services your project requires. They keep your project on-track — no matter how demanding the work or delivery schedule may be — while creating a product that looks absolutely amazing.

if the design is feasible, we determine the best materials and methods to achieve the desired outcome, but we also understand that sometimes the designer's idea needs to be modified or simplified for practical purposes. Not only do we ensure that your finished components can be installed, but we also provide installation guidance. Your workpiece components arrive in perfect

Our service :

  • Innovative cutting solution service : we can cut for all of the materials such as metal and non-metal sheet in any shape of fold and unfold with custom design
  • 3D surface with perforation: we can design for 3D surface on work of any materials , include finished service such as painting , special texture
  • Façade technology and cladding solution: we can supply and install for claddings or special 3D façade

Benefits of Working with CUT&CARVE

  • A huge selection of standard perforation patterns and the ability, more over 200 patterns, to create as the standardize
  • Custom size and design are acceptable that made to fit your design, so you get exactly what you need at the optimal price
  • We have no limitation with the type of materials, also have expertise team to offer you the best fit material and solution to your design and budget
  • Numerous services to help ensure your project's success
  • Samples, prototyping and fabrication of custom parts are welcome for approval
  • Complete forming, welding, laser cutting, punching and assembly services
  • Total finishing services, including painting, powder coating, anodizing or special texture on demands
  • The market leverage of a large supplier to keep prices low and ensure availability

Engineering Solutions That Bring Your Architect&Interior Concepts to Life